img3So you’re well past 16 but don’t have a driver’s license. No need to fear. We can help you learn all the rules and get some behind the wheel training so that you can pass your test and drive well. We provide top of the line instruction for both adults and teens. We encourage you to give us a call if you need complete instruction or just some refresher courses. Call us today for an appointment!

At A Club Driving School, we offer a comfortable environment in which to learn. We even provide a clean and safe car for you to use when you are taking your test! At our school, our instructors understand the difference between how adults learn and how teens learn. We know that adults need different hours and learn on a different level. We can work with your schedule and we won’t treat you like a little kid. Our doors are open from Monday through Saturday. Call for a Sunday appointment. We will be glad to get you on the road and driving right away!

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As a senior, you may be required to relearn the information and take the road test again. Don’t be afraid to ask for our help. We provide compassionate and respectful instruction and training specified for the older adult. We’ll get you updated on the latest driving laws and ensure that you understand defensive driving techniques. Give us a call! We’re ready to help!

Mandatory Testing

Adults are sometimes required to take behind-the-wheel training, additional classes or refresher courses, especially if they have received a number of tickets. This is even more likely if those tickets were received in a short span of time. You may have received a court order to take these courses. If this is the case, please give us a call. We’ll take care of you and get you back on the road in no time.


If your insurance company has offered to provide you with a discount after taking additional lessons, we can help you out with that. What if you do not have an insurance company, yet? We can help you with that, too!. Whether you are getting private or commercial insurance for the first time, or looking to lower premiums by meeting driver education requirements, we have what you need.