What We do

Driver Training
Our driving school offers patient, caring, professional, college-trained instructors who will be happy to guide you every step of the way, from learning the rules of the road to taking your road test.
Learning the rules of the road
The first thing you will need to do is learn the rules. A Club Driving School prepares you for the situations every driver will face while on the road. We will help you learn these rules so that you will pass your tests and be a safe driver on the road.
Passing Your Road Test
The road test comes after you have learned the rules of the road. You may be able to pass the written exam but not the road test. If you are having trouble in that area, we offer driver improvement. We have what you need to make sure the next time you take your road test, you pass with flying colors.
Gain Confidence in Your Driving
Get the jitters when you think about getting behind the wheel? A-Club Driving School will help you stop that from happening. We will help you build confidence in your driving skills so that you know you are safe when you’re on the road.
Our online defensive driving course can help you reduce your driving record points and your insurance rates by 10%. You can complete this online course from the comfort of your home. It’s affordable, and it pays off big time in insurance discounts upon completion.
DMV services
Even the DMV is encouraging customers to use online services. Now, with our quick and easy DMV services, you can take care of some of those needs with us.

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